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Screen Printed Cotton Fabric
Screen printed fabric uses mesh during the printing process to transfer ink to a substrate, with the exception of locations where a blocking stencil has made the substrate impervious to the ink. Screen printed fabric is appreciated widely for its flawlessness. 
Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabric is sheer and light weight cotton with a soft texture. Typically, it is utilised to create dresses and blouses that are appropriate for the summer. Malmal voile 92x80 cotton fabric is frequently used to create home décor items like tablecloths and curtains.

Rayon Fabric
Rayon fabric is a synthetic material made of recycled cellulose fibre. Because of its many varieties and quality levels, rayon can mimic the appearance and feel of silk, wool, cotton, and linen. Rayon fabric is a comfortable and versatile fabric.
Cotton Rugs
Cotton rugs are a great option for any house. They are perfect for high traffic areas because they are sturdy and simple to clean. Cotton rugs are a fantastic option for households with kids and dogs because of their natural resilience to stains and fading.
Cotton Cushion Cover
17x17 inches cushion covers are a soft, packed bag which is used to support the head or torso. These offerings come in various styles, colours and designs. Our offerings are highly attractive and beautiful. 17x17 inches cushion covers protect pillows/cushions. 
Cotton Table Cloths
55x55 inches table cloths are ideal for preventing spills and stains from damaging your table. These are strong and simple to clean. The use of these materials for branding at trade shows, exhibits, fairs, conferences, and marketing events is very cost-effective. 
Printed Table Cloths
Hand block printed table cloth 6 seater has an ethnic design. It is created by utilising wooden blocks to imprint designs into fabric. Our offering is composed of cotton or linen. Hand block printed table cloth 6 seater is embellished with vibrant colours and designs.
Cotton Table Clothes
8 seater hand block printed tablecover is a lovely and distinctive way to decorate your table with colour and pattern. The printing procedure is laborious and slow, but the outcomes are beautiful. 8 seater hand block printed tablecover is ideal for both special events and regular use.
Door Curtain
Door curtains add flair and privacy to your house. For sliding doors, door curtains can be mounted on a door track or draped on a rod above the door. Door curtains compliment your décor with their appealing prints, colours and patterns. 
Hand block printed cotton kaftan is handmade from 100% cotton and block printed by skilled artisans in India. It is perfect for throwing on over a bathing suit or as a cover up at the beach. Hand block printed cotton kaftan is lightweight and breathable.
Kimonos are designed with floral prints. These are traditional Japanese outfit made up of cotton. Our offerings are often light and airy and are frequently worn in the summer to remain cool. Kimonos are frequently worn to and from public bathhouses, at summertime celebrations etc. 

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